Why Should You Prune Your Trees?

Perhaps you already know how important pruning is. However, it would be nice if you know how to determine why your trees need to be pruned and learn how the tree experts do it. If you need any tree services, such as pruning jobs, tree removal, and more, make sure to ask help from one of the reputable arborists from a reputable tree service company Great Falls MT. These arborists should be able to give high-quality tree services in the industry for several years now. This article will discuss the reasons that pruning is needed. Plus, it will cover how to properly prune your trees like a pro. 

Why Should Your Trees be Pruned? 

There are a lot of reasons why a plant needs to be pruned. Some apparent reasons would be when branches are already touching other structures or your home, once your limbs hang over the road too far or grow into power lines, or when a tree has too much deadwood. Here are the 4 major categories and reasons as to why pruning needs to be done: 

Plant training 

Plant training indicates the act of trimming to promote development. Once the limbs of a plant are cut, the new development will develop from the cut site, which will usually come in great numbers than before. This practice is commonly used with flowering plants and edible plants such as herbs to promote more growth and blooms. Plant training would be most effective when performed during the winter season to restrict the exposure of the cut site before spring arrives.  

Growth Control 

If you use concerning plants close to your house, it’s vital to regulate their development. For instance, pants must never outgrow their area since they’ll be excessively large to be supported or overtake the plants of your neighborhood. Overgrowth stifles airflow and promotes rot. As much as possible, it would be ideal to maintain the appropriate shape and size of your plants.  

Plant health 

Trimming rotten or diseased growth from a tree will help keep the problem from spreading. Determining the right ways that need to be done is a job that only a tree expert can efficiently do. Because of that, hiring a tree specialist or certified arborist is very important to diagnose your plants correctly.  

At times, some trees may appear as if they have unnatural development but are actually healthy. For example, Maryland’s Sweetgum trees develop a corky wedge adjacent to the branches. This may appear to be abnormal for others, but that’s one of the characteristics of this tree species.  


Safety is one of the most apparent reasons why a tree should be pruned. Limbs may be touching powerlines or get in contact with a structure, which obstructs access to exits, roads, or driveways. Or perhaps limbs are overhanging a part of your property that usually has extremely high foot traffic, such as your balcony, playground, deck, or sidewalk. You do not really have to prune such limbs right away. However, you must start paying attention to them. Once they appear as if they are diseased or dying, or when they get in the way of your daily activities, make sure to contact the experts to have your tree checked. 

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